To do

Some things to do and experience when visiting!

  • Travel to Åland or Finland from either Kapellskär (ca 30 min from Gärdsnäs) or Grisslehamn (ca 1 hour from Gärdsnäs). You can take the car with you if you want.
  • Vira Bruk – Visit the weapon smithy from the 1700-Century whitch made most of the swords in Sweden. The Vira-theater is ongoing during the end of June and the start of July.
  • Ängsö – One of Sweden's two Islands that is a National Park. The Island is located straight across the bay and is reachable by own boat, taxiboat or Vaxholmsbolaget. There's scheduled tours with the steamboat from Furusund, and during the summer Vaxhomsbolaget also has scheduled tours departing from Stockholm.
  • Furusund – ca 30 min with car. Watch the Ferrys sail by in the strait. Also visit Furusunds Resturant (0176-80344).
  • Take the car ferry to Yxlan and perhaps further on to Blidö.
  • Öregrund – A nice soceity on the way to Grisslehamn, a costal Community with stores and resturants.
  • Linneladan – Right at the junction 276 to Norrtälje and Furusundsvägen. Cozy craftstore with typical Swedish-made glas, porcelain, fabric and furniture among other things.
  • Norrtälje – A beatuiful city, especially on the summer! The city has around 10 000 permanent residents. All the service you will need, you will find here. There's a lot of stores and a big mall.
  • Vaxholm – The gate to Roslagen. Several resturants and stores and Vaxholmsbolagets boats that sailing across the islands.
  • The Vikingvillage Storholmen (0176-55311) – see and experience how the Swedish vikings lived.
  • Penningby Castle (0730-963543) – route 276 to Norrtälje, right after the exit to Furusund.
  • Norrtälje Golfcourse (0175-60553)


BBQ and entrance
Big garden